Term 4 ZOOM Psychic & Mediumship Development Class with Maria Krystyna
07:00pm to 09:00pm - November 13, 2023
Three Fortnightly intimate classes in Psychic and Mediumship development via Zoom with Maria Krystyna – Classes start Monday, 13th November at 7 pm for 2 hours.
Cost $70 (inclusive of the booking fee)
Maria will teach you the difference between Psychic and Mediumship connections with the simplicity of old-school techniques. Maria has attended many workshops with the world’s best Psychics and Mediums. Maria will share all her knowledge with you to help you grow and develop into the best Medium you can be and guide you in your development and understanding of Spirit. She will never hold you back in your journey as a Psychic and Medium. Maria and Spirit want to see you fly in your work with Spirit.
13th November, 27th November, 11th November
Zoom Class – No refunds if you change your mind



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