Sydney Medium & Psychic

As a gifted medium and psychic, Maria brings forth messages from the spirit world, providing you with clarity, comfort, and a deeper understanding of your life’s path.

Intuitive Tarot Reader, Lenormand, GypsyGirl Card Readings, and Spiritual Development Circles.

Choose Your Spiritual Journey

with Maria Krystyna



Connect with a private, in-person, Zoom, Skype or Phone reading.

Experience an enriching psychic reading that will bridge the gap between you and the spiritual realm.

You will not only find answers and closure but connection with profound wisdom of the spirit world.


Unlock Your Psychic Potential with Zoom and In-Person Classes.

Discover your innate psychic abilities. Whether you've had premonitions or felt the presence of departed loved ones, these classes are designed to help you make that connection.

Monthly, three-hour in-person and virtual classes.


Experience a Psychic Afternoon in your Living Room hosted by Maria Krystyna.

An intimate experience that brings the mystical world of psychic readings right to your doorstep with eight of your friends in the comfort and privacy of your living room.

Saturdays: 3pm or 6pm, allowing for your preferred time.


Hello, I'm
Maria Krystyna

I’m a Demonstrating/Platform Medium, a Psychic, Intuitive Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle Reader and a Psychic and Mediumship Development Teacher. I have been a professional reader for 13 years and taught in a ‘Home Circle’ for about Seven years. 

As a Psychic, At the beginning of my journey, I used to read signatures, a focus point to connect with my clients, and as I developed my skills, my natural abilities were enlightened, and moved onto the Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle, to give my clients picturable insight readings.

Upcoming Events
and Workshops

Welcome to my world of psychic and mediumship experiences and spiritual exploration. I offer a range of events, from spiritualist church platform demonstrations, special events, and home circles to Zoom psychic development classes and online Lenormand workshops.

Join me on this exciting journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth!

August 17
3:00 pm
West Hoxton, West Hoxton NSW 2170 Australia
September 28
3:00 pm
West Hoxton, West Hoxton NSW 2170 Australia
October 19
3:00 pm
West Hoxton, West Hoxton NSW 2170 Australia
November 02
3:00 pm
West Hoxton, West Hoxton NSW 2170 Australia
November 30
3:00 pm
West Hoxton, West Hoxton NSW 2170 Australia
December 07
3:00 pm
West Hoxton, West Hoxton NSW 2170 Australia

Online Workshops
And Development

Have you ever had that feeling of knowing something before it happens? Have you sensed the presence of loved ones who have crossed over? If you’ve ever been curious about these remarkable experiences, you’re at the right place.

Discover that being psychic or a medium isn’t just reserved for a select few; it’s an innate ability within us all. Some of us are simply more attuned than others.

My in-person classes, held once a month on a Saturday afternoon for 3 hours, are the perfect opportunity to connect, learn, and embrace your connection to spirit.

Let’s unlock your hidden talents together!


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6 reviews on
Paula Sayers
Lovely lady, spent the evening in Thirroul with Maria and friends and would recommend highly. A no nonsense spirit guide and PSYCHIC. Very direct and BEAUTIFUL.
Luda Ost
As a Medium & Psychic, Maria is exceptionally gifted, thorough and will bring you the evidence, guidance and clarity you need in a loving non-judgmental way. Maria is very passionate about her work and gives 110% always. As a Spiritual Educator, Maria has personally seen me through a number of ways to productively strengthen my Mediumship and Psychic abilities. Maria is honest and will tell you exactly what you need as an individual to strengthen your abilities. Maria is pure of heart to help you in your Spiritual Journey. Completely recommended.
Maria Preiss
Love the work you do!
Laura Kennedy
Maria is a beautiful person inside and out and a wonderful Medium. Her messages are heartfelt, healing and very accurate! She’s had many years experience and is very passionate about what she does. If you want to connect to loved ones on the other side or seeking guidance or both! I’d highly recommend Maria.
Val Hood
Maria is an excellent medium and teacher who works ethically and from the heart with truth and honesty. She has many years experience. You will not be disappointed if you see her working whether as a teacher or reader.