Hi, I’m Maria Krystyna

Demonstrating/Platform Medium, Psychic, Intuitive Tarot,
Lenormand and Oracle Reader, Psychic and
Mediumship Development Teacher.

Unveiling the Guiding Lights
of My Work

At the heart of my philosophy lies the profound belief it’s a journey towards achieving freedom – the kind of freedom that grants you precious moments with your loved ones in spirit and nurtures the aspects of life that hold the deepest meaning. My mission is to guide you towards a life where upliftment and prosperity flow freely, allowing every facet of your existence, allowing you to flourish in your life.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share a bit about my journey as a psychic and medium with you.

Over the years, I’ve had the incredible privilege of connecting with thousands of clients from all corners of the globe. It’s been an honour to be a part of their lives, providing insights and guidance that have helped them navigate the twists and turns of their personal journeys.

One of my greatest joys is sharing my knowledge and experience with others who are eager to explore their own psychic abilities. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of classes and workshops to aspiring psychics. Watching my students grow and develop their own intuitive gifts is nothing short of magical.

I’m all about attention and deeply personalised guidance in everything I do. I firmly believe that each person’s journey is unique, and my goal is to help you tap into your own intuition and potential in a way that feels authentic and meaningful to you.

My journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth has led me to study a wide range of disciplines.  I’ve honed my skills in speaking and demonstrating mediumship. I’m also an intuitive tarot enthusiast, and hold certifications as an Angel Intuitive Reader™ and Angel Card Reader™.

I’ve delved deep into the realms of mediumship, psychic development, and spiritualism. I’ve explored advanced mediumship techniques, trance, and evidential mediumship. 

My approach is both intuitive and practical. I’m here to guide you, support you, and help you unlock your own unique gifts. 

Whether you’re seeking a personal reading or are eager to dive into the world of psychic and mediumship development, I’m here, ready to bring my experience, unwavering presence, and intuition to help you on your path.


Online Workshops
And Development

Have you ever had that feeling of knowing something before it happens? Have you sensed the presence of loved ones who have crossed over? If you’ve ever been curious about these remarkable experiences, you’re at the right place.

Discover that being psychic or a medium isn’t just reserved for a select few; it’s an innate ability within us all. Some of us are simply more attuned than others.

My in-person classes, held once a month on a Saturday afternoon for 3 hours, are the perfect opportunity to connect, learn, and embrace your connection to spirit.

Let’s unlock your hidden talents together!

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of attending numerous workshops with some of the world’s most outstanding Mediums. I absolutely love the old-school development techniques, home circles, and home platform gatherings.

I wanted to share a bit about my journey in the world of Mediumship, and how it has shaped me over the years. You see, I’ve always been drawn to this incredible realm of communication with the Spirit World, and I’ve had the privilege of learning from some truly remarkable individuals.

My all-time favorite Mediums from the past include Leslie Flint, Battling Berta, and Estelle Roberts. They’ve been my guiding lights, inspiring me to embark on this fascinating path of Mediumship. I firmly believe that we never stop learning in life, and I’ve had the privilege of having many great mentors along the way.

As the years have gone by, my dedication to Mediumship, Tarot, and Lenormand has only grown stronger. I’m committed and dedicated to being the best I can be for the Spirit World, my students, and my clients.


I’ve never been in a hurry to rush my development journey. I’ve spent many years sitting in circles—some might argue it’s been too many years, even while I was working as a professional reader.

Along this path, I’ve encountered many beautiful experiences, but there have also been some challenging lessons. My journey as a Medium can feel lonely at times, but when Spirit has your back, you have far more joy in your heart as a Medium.

As I’ve progressed on this incredible journey, I’ve noticed that the Spirit World has worked with me in ways that I could have never imagined. It has pushed me beyond my comfort zone at times, but I’ve wholeheartedly embraced these changes. There’s something truly special about helping people, guiding them through their grief, and reassuring them that their loved ones are safe and well on the other side.  

It took me quite a while to realise that all I truly need is my unwavering commitment to both myself and Spirit. It’s akin to a partnership with Spirit, where they take the lead. I’ve come to understand that it’s best to stay true to myself in my work with Spirit and not simply follow the crowd.

Life is a precious gift, and it’s essential to cherish every moment we have. Love is eternal, it’s what binds us all, transcending the boundaries of this world and the next. I extend my gratitude to the Spirit World for choosing to work with me.

Where Can You Witness
My Mediumship in Action

I welcome you to my special corner of the Spiritual world in West Hoxton. Here, I believe in the power of intimate connections and the magic of personal growth.

Throughout the year, I host exclusive events that bring us closer together in small, close-knit gatherings. These events are like little gems in my calendar for a reasonable charge. Be sure to keep an eye on the event page for special offers.

Additionally, I’m proud to support select Spiritual Churches across New South Wales through donation offerings. Your contributions help keep the doors open, pay for the overheads and keep the energy flowing.

I’ve focus my Mediumship on Psychic events exclusively, which means I won’t be doing private readings or group gatherings on Friday or Saturday evenings. It’s all about taking our Psychic abilities to the next level.

But here’s the exciting part – I’m not just here to do readings. I love teaching, especially when it comes to helping you discover and understand your own Psychic and Mediumistic abilities. My teaching style is all about being real and unfiltered, because I believe that’s the best way for you to connect with your Spiritual side. I’m passionate about what I do, and I want you to be just as passionate about your journey.

One thing I’m particularly keen on is making sure you understand the distinction between Psychic and Mediumship work. These energies are like night and day, and knowing how to navigate them is crucial if you want to become the best Medium you can be.

Learning the mechanics of your mediumistic skills is a journey, no doubt about it. But when it finally clicks, your Mediumship will go from “okay” to “wow!” Trust me, it’s worth the effort.

If you’re into Tarot and Lenormand cards, I’ve got something special for you too. Join me in our online Zoom classes held every fortnight. I keep it fun and engaging because learning should never be a chore.

I’m committed to keeping events accessible to all who wish to attend. I can’t wait to see you in one of my upcoming events or classes. 

The Language of Spirit:
My Learnings as a Psychic Medium

The Spiritualists′ National Union
Class of 2018

An Introduction to Spiritualist Speaking and Demonstrating
SD1 · Mark ‘A’ Overall 92.7% West Hoxton,
New South Wales, Australia

Demonstration Workshop

Chris Drew, Manly (2018)
. . . .
Chris Drew, Manly (2017)
. . . .
Chris Drew, St Clements Monastery (2017)

Studied Spiritualism and Mediumship

Psychic Academy with Tony Stockwell,
Lynne Probert, Simone Keys and
Natalie Walker from the AFC in the UK (2017)
. . . .
Simone Keys Intensive Mediumship,
Leura (2016)

Intuitive Tarot and
Angel Oracle Reader

Intuitive Tarot with Natalie Eden Walker
UK Tarot & Medium (2020)
. . . .
Understanding the Tarot
with Yvonne Denise (2020)
. . . .
Certified Angel Intuitive Reader™
with Doreen Virtue (2013)
. . . .
Certified Angel Card Reader™ (2014)

Studied Mediumship

Paul Jacobs, Biagio Tropeano,
Sydney (2020)
. . . .
Paul Jacobs, Biagio Tropeano,
St. Clements Monastery (2018)
. . . .
Paul Jacobs, Biagio Tropeano,
St. Clements Monastery (2017)
. . . .
Mavis Pittilla,
St. Clements Monastery Retreat (2016)
. . . .
Paul Jacobs, Biagio Tropeano & Val Hood,
St. Clements Monastery (2016)

Studied Psychic
& Mediumship Development

Advance Mediumship
with Val Hood (2016 – 2019)
. . . .
Psychic & Mediumship Development
with Mary King (2016)
. . . .
Advanced Mediumship
with Sharon Hood (2014)
. . . .
Development Circle
with Florence King (2014)
. . . .
Psychic & Mediumship Development
and Tarot with Kerry Nelson (2013)
. . . .
Psychic Development
with Amanda Roussety (2012)

Trance and Evidential

Minister Martin Colclough
from the AFC in the UK (2019)
. . . .
Minister Martin Colclough
from the AFC in the UK – 1 day Mediumship,
2 days Trance Mediumship (2020)
. . . .
Medium Charlie Kelly from the UK
the no-nonsense approach to Mediumship
and the Mechanics of Mediumship (2020)