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Term 3 – Lenormand Card Reading Classes with Maria Krystyna
07:00pm to 09:00pm - August 29, 2022
Lenormand decks traditionally have 36 cards and are based on an old German card game, later renamed after the 19th-century French fortune-teller, Mademoiselle Marie Anne Lenormand. In modern times extra cards have been added to the traditional cards. Some decks have a wild card, wishing well, garden maze, additional male and female, looking in different directions, and a list of other individual cards. The Lenormand is read differently from the Tarot and other Oracle cards. There is so much to learn about the Lenormand, and you don't use your intuition. Your intention must be in place by asking only one question. Lenormand cards are upfront and to the point for straight-up answers in a reading. The Lenormand cards are read in pairs, never a single card. Each card added extends the reading. You are reading the cards on the picture; for example, the Dog card can mean loyalty, friendship, faithfulness, protection, help, and unconditional love for a friend or pet. There are positive, negative and neutral cards within the Lenormand. The Dog is positive; The Cross is negative; The Book is neutral. Then we have positive, negative and neutral card combinations; for example, the Moon is positive/neutral. Even the Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and the Clubs play a role in reading the Lenormand cards, including the numbers for timing. Different spreads start from just two cards to using nine cards, and then we have the whole deck, the thirty-six cards spread, which is called the Grand Tableau; at first, the GT may seem overwhelming, but to be honest, it is the only way to read the Lenormand cards. Maria has worked on and off with the Lenormand cards for the last ten years. Recently, Maria Krystyna returned to working with the Lenormand while locked down in covid.
Maria Krystyna will be holding a fortnightly Zoom online circle in Term 2 on how to read and understand the Lenormand. You will be amazed at how much there is to learn about the informative Lenormand cards.
There are 5x fortnightly classes starting on a Monday evening on the 18th July for 2 hours beginning at 7 pm.
The cost is $135.
TO BOOK your Spot and click on the time 7 pm and book or payment via direct deposit; you will need to send Maria a message with her bank details. There is a FB group for communication, information on Lenormand, Zoom links for the classes and your learning. Please Note: This is an online event via Zoom. There is no refund if you change your mind.


  • Maria Krystyna
  • 0411 017 766

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