Term 3 – Lenormand Online Zoom Class
07:00pm to 09:00pm - July 31, 2023

The Lenormand Cards are a distinct form of cartomancy that differs from Tarot in purpose, structure, and sensation. This practical deck is more concerned with everyday events. The deck contains 36 cards, and it’s more effective to use pairs of cards than individual drawings to gain clarity in Lenormand readings.

Although the Lenormand cards may seem simple at first glance, grasping the concept of a Lenormand spread can offer valuable insight into your circumstances and provide a timeframe for potential outcomes. The Lenormand cards can also guide you in navigating everyday situations with greater clarity and confidence.

These online Zoom classes are  6x fortnightly on a Monday at 7 pm for 2hours

Dates: 31st July, 14th August, 28th August, 11th September, 25th September, 9th October